A Reason to Clean

When we started Freedom Cleaning Services, in January of 2006, we did it on a shoe string budget. A couple hundred dollars bought me the necessary forms to file with the state, buy some cleaning materials and some business cards. Advertising was done on craigslist for free, before the crazy people started using it for evil purposes.

And here we are, at the end of our fourth year. We are looking for employees, not because we want to, but because we need to. We have grown, steadily over the past four years. We have been blessed. And, I think, when you have been blessed, or feel that you have, it’s natural to look for ways to give back. In this economy, it’s not hard to find need. People are hungry, being tossed from their homes, looking for work. But we wanted to do something that has a special meaning to us. Mardi and I have been touched in some pretty ugly ways by cancer and we felt we would like to do something to help cancer patients.

This past summer we found what we were looking for (inside joke to Mardi, courtesy of U2). The organization is Cleaning for a Reason, a national 501c non-profit that provides free house cleaning to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Started by Debbie Sardone of Buckets and Bows Maid service in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, Texas, in 2006. There are “partner” cleaning services in all 50 states, now and seven in the Twin Cities metro. Partners, as we are referred to, are asked to clean for two cancer patients once a month for four months.

We have been given a gift. Mardi and I are able to clean. That is our gift, our talent. How wonderful is it that we can use that talent to help someone else? I’m not tooting my own horn, here. At least that’s not my intent.

In this season of giving, we give and in return, we receive a gift ourselves. Words cannot describe the feeling of being able to do our jobs and, in the process, help someone who needs it. We leave the home of a woman who is suffering from perhaps one of the worst diseases to ravage this globe and we are filled with a sense of satisfaction that we could use our talents to make her life just a little bit better. The gratitude that we are shown is overwhelming. I cried after we cleaned for our first cancer patient. Like a baby. She was so incredibly grateful. She called this our ministry. Ministry. Wow.

In this season of giving I wish for you, the sense of overwhelming gratitude that comes from being able to serve others. Merry Christmas and a blessed and successful New Year.


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