Merry Christmas Eve Day

The snow continues to fall.  It’s quiet here at Freedom HQ.  We cancelled a cleaning today because of sickness.  First time since we started this business, but in light of the cold and flu season and the size of the home, it simply was not practical to try to have one person do it.  And now the snow. 

So I find myself on Christmas Eve morning worrying.  Worrying about hiring, about growing the business, about the impact of adding employees on our customers who have come to trust us, but may not feel so generous about an employee of ours.  And, of course worrying about the traditional Christmas things.  Will the gifts bring joy?  Is it the right size, model, etc.?  Will our friends and family be safe if they travel in the snow storm?

And yet, above all, there is hope.  Tonight will bring laughter and wishes of Merry Christmas and worries will be, for a few brief moments, forgotten.  There is time enough to worry.  Just not tonight.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  May you open your hearts and clear your minds of worry and stress.  Even if you are alone this season, look outside and embrace the silent, falling snow and the happy, blinking lights and know peace.  This is my Christmas wish for you.    



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