Helping a Fellow Business Person

As I learn more about blogging and expand my social media horizons beyond just Facebook, I have been fortunate enough to meet, albeit virtually, some pretty amazing people. At Twitter I have been fortunate enough to stumble across one gentleman named Tim Bursch. Tim has a blog and in his most recent post has asked the question; “Who do you have looking out for your business?” It’s all about businesses collaborating to help each other.

I was thinking about that post and, while I am sure that the baker down the road cannot take over for me when I am sick and cannot clean for my customers, there is more than one way a baker could help me.

Last year around Christmas time I had ordered some very nice pocket planners to give to our customers as thank you gifts. Long story short, the order was cancelled because there was a shortage of planners. Nobody from the company called to tell me. Frantic, I searched for a way to give my customers some kind of thank you gift. A baker, as it happened, came to my rescue. Jerome Blondel of JKB Cakes, in Ham Lake, agreed to produce around 30 orders of a dozen Christmas cookies each. I am sure he is busy this time of year, but he made us feel like we were his only customers. He helped out in a pinch.

What can you do for another business? How can we all become a global village and help each other out? A friend of ours recently lost her job. Certainly not a new story, these days. She mentioned that she was thinking of starting her own Virtual Assistant business. I did what any friend would do. I encouraged her (ok, she might call it pestering, or perhaps even nagging) until she had the business off the ground. You should check out her business. KT’s Corner Office. Kim is a bright, intelligent, imaginative business person and I am sure she’ll go far.


4 responses to “Helping a Fellow Business Person

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  2. Thanks Mike you are the best (not a pest) 🙂

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for expanding this idea. Great example of a village of businesses helping each other. I hope to meet you in person someday.
    Take care,

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