Positively Happy New Year

Frankly, I was working on another post, but it isn’t done yet and it seems trivial to this day.  So,  Happy New Year, instead. 

Today the gym parking lots will be full.  The stores will sell out of nicotine patches and gum and weight loss books.  People will be crunching budgets and taking a hard look at their finances.  I have no such grandiose plans.  Just a few simple hopes for the next twelve months.  These hopes are not just for me, but for everyone.

I hope for more joys than sorrows.

To make more friends than enemies.

More laughter than tears.

More success than failures.

More peace than worry.

That’s it.  And the best part is, unlike the folks at the gym and those rushing out to purchase patches and gum, these are perfectly attainable for all of us, as long as we remain positive.  Choose to help someone else (another business person, perhaps?) instead of ignoring someone you know is in need.  Choose to shake your head and smile instead of acting out against the person who cut you off in traffic.  It’s easy and just a matter of choice.

I read a great quote the other day on Facebook.  It was posted by a High School sophomore and there was no credit attached to it, so I’m not sure if it was hers or someone else’s.  It read, “If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought”.  Amen!


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