At the risk of exposing a fear or a possible weakness to be exploited, I confess,  I am overwhlemed by technology.  Don’t get me wrong; I love technology.  I just think I spend way too much time trying to catch up. 

My mind was reeling this week what with the new items coming out of the CES in Las Vegas ( 3D television?) and the news I heard yesterday that a certain rodent will be texting his predictions in a few weeks.  Really?!  Do groundhogs even have opposable thumbs?

Oh, sure, I try to keep up.  I have an iPhone.  I pestered the wife until she caved.  A little trick I learned from the kids.  The iPhone is great and I think it has made me more productive.  I have avoided putting on non-sensical apps (even though I was told the light saber app was pretty cool) because, as I am fond of saying, this is a serious business tool.  Try to say that with a straight face.  It’s not as easy as you’d think.

Jetsons robot maid

Even in the cleaning industry, technology marches on.  The advent of microfiber cleaning cloths has been a boon.  They allow us to clean more efficiently, more hygenically and allow us to skip detergents and other chemicals that may be harmful.  Sure, they don’t give you turn-by-turn directions to the nearest waffle house, but they are technology, nonetheless.

Sometimes, though, technology does not live up to its hype.  Sometimes you just have to do it “old school”.  We have had several customers who, during our walk through of their home, will say, “Oh, we have one of those shower cleaners, so you don’t have to do the shower”.  We do them anyway because, as good as technology is, it’s not perfect.  We have even had customers who have the Roomba.  You know, the vacuum robot.  We know they have them because we usually run into them while we are vacuuming under a piece of furniture. 

What technology would make your life better?


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