Why do we Trust?

One thing that has always amazed me, since we started our business is the trust that people place in us to come into their homes and clean when there is no one there.   Don’t get me wrong; We know that we are trustworthy people.  We have had the opportunity to have others work for us temporarily and our rules are hard and fast.  Nothing that is not dirt or garbage leaves a home with us.  

Once in a while we find evidence to suggest that we are being tested.  Usually this takes the form of a significant sum of money left on a table or nightstand.  The money is undisturbed by us, as it should be.  Whether we are being tested or not is a question only the homeowner could answer and of course we don’t ask.  If that is the case, we know we passed with flying colors.

But this doesn’t answer the original question; Why do people trust us in the first place?  What makes a person say, “Here is my garage code /key to my home / alarm code.  Come into my home, clean it and lock up when you leave.”?   Most of the time, we have never met the person we will cleaning for until that moment when they decide to hire us, so why would they trust us? 

I decided to do some searching about why people trust.  I used the term “why do we trust?”.    The results returned made me laugh.  “Why do I need a Trust?”, “Why do we trust photography?”, “Why do we trust science?”, “Why do we trust Bill Clinton?”.  Didn’t really answer my question.  

But then I found something interesting at Livestrong.com.   It is an article about building trust, but goes deeper than that.  It talks about the definition of trust.  There are several but the one that I found interesting was this;  “The act of placing yourself in the vulnerable position of relying on others to treat you in a fair, open and honest way.”  Ok, that would describe the act that a customer takes when hiring us to clean their home.  The article goes on to describe the behavioral  traits people need in order to trust.  It was an “ah-ha” moment for me, when I read this.  The top two traits needed to trust were, “Hope in the goodness of mankind.” and “Faith in the fairness of life”.  Hope and Faith.  Both of these are very powerful positive traits.  One could generalize that a positive person is much more likely to hire someone to come into their home to clean than a person with a negative mental outlook.

I’m curious.  What makes you trust someone?  Gut feelings?  Reputation?  Why do you trust?


4 responses to “Why do we Trust?

  1. Trust can be lsot in a minute.
    Trust may take a long to develop.
    Trust is easily kept if you are honest.
    Quiz, What is it called when trust is lost?

    • Tim, you are absolutely right about the loss of trust. If we dealt with people in an un-trustworthy manner, we would have been out of business long ago, as would you. Is it safe to assume that people who are positive not only trust, but inspire trust as well?

  2. Very interesting and deep topic.

    I’ve often felt naive because I give everyone a chance – think there is good in everyone. I have the most interesting friends because of that. I am also the first one to turn my back on someone who does something to lose my trust. And, they know it!

    I think you’re right. I am a very positive person. I think I can make a difference in the world. It is one of the things that makes our business different from the others in our industry – integrity and transparency. It makes me proud. There is not enough integrity in this world. Not enough of it in business.

    Always a pleasure to read your blog. It makes me think.

    • Maggie, thank you for the kind comments. I think you proved my point. Even though we have not yet met, I know from our conversations that you are a positive person. As such, you tend to give the benefit of the doubt. You trust until you are given a reason not to.
      Kudos to you and Sara for wanting to make the world a better place. We need more people like you two! http://www.simplyneutral.com. Just sayin’. : )

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