Why Didn’t I Think of That?

How many times have you said that to yourself while watching late night (early morning?) TV?  You’re sitting there, unable to sleep and the late, great Billy Mays comes on and tells you about something you just can’t live without.    In fact, Mays had a television show with Anthony Sullivan on the Discovery channel before he died called, “Pitchmen” wherein the two would highlight different inventors each episode who were trying to sell a new product that they had invented. 

Each episode we would meet a different person, someone just like us, who had an idea for a product that would fly off the shelves, or so they believed.  Some worked, some didn’t, but the inventors believed in their products so much that invariably they would sink hundreds, even thousands of dollars of their own money into producing these products, even to the point of near bankruptcy.

Ideas, born out of frustration, desperation or just plain “ah-ha” moments are the fuel that drives this country.  Take, for example, Tim Nelson.  Tim is an “Average Joe” kind of guy.  He became a product of the economy and found himself out of work last year.  Tim spent a lot of time doing what a lot of people are doing when they find themselves out of work these days, resorting to Social Media as a way of networking and looking for a job.  Except Tim, realizing the impact of social media, had an idea: what if he could promote someone else’s business via social media?  And what if he could make some money doing that?   And just like that, “WhoYaWearingToday” was born.

Each day, Tim sports the T-shirt or hat of a different company.  He photographs himself in it and posts it on Flickr, He blogs about it, He tweets about it, he’ll create a video about it and post it on YouTube  and he status-updates about it on Facebook.  Full disclosure, we have used Tim to promote our cleaning business and probably will again, just because we like the idea and, well, it’s affordable.

The point here is that Tim saw an opportunity and had an idea.  How successful he’ll be remains to be seen, but it’s people like Tim that drive this country.  People with ideas and creativity.  Risk takers who believe in themselves and their ideas and are willing to do whatever it takes to see their dreams and ideas take flight. 

We all have ideas that we think are swell.  Some ideas stay as just that; ideas.  Stuck in the back of our heads, never seeing the light of day.  Others make it into the world but founder and die due to lack of passion.  Our inability or un-willingness to do whatever it takes to make that idea succeed.  But some ideas take off; pushed and prodded and nurtured until they soar and the world is a better place for those ideas.

What is your great idea and what are you willing to do to make it succeed?


One response to “Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  1. That’s the great thing about marketing. Inspiration comes from the least expected places.

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