The politics of the Bible

I wrote this blog over two months ago and have been debating with myself about whether to post it.  You’re reading it, so maybe I have decided.
“Interesting right and left analogy … those on the right are righteous and those on the left are cursed…”  This was a comment left about something I posted on my personal Facebook page.  To avoid a potentially awkward situation, I never asked the author what she meant by that.  I don’t know if she agreed with the sentiment or was stating her belief that the analogy was true.
The post that inspired this comment was this: “Matthew 25:31-46.”  That’s it.  That is the entire content of my posting.  No commentary, no explanation.  For those not familiar, it is the parable of the lambs and the goats.  You know, ‘…that which you did for the least of mine, so too you did for me.”  The fact is, it’s one of my favorite parables.  I like the fact that helping others is pleasing to God.  I also like The Golden Rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
My mistake, if I made one, was that I happened to post this comment on the morning after Congress passed the Health Care Reform bill.  I honestly don’t believe that my Facebook posting was intended as commentary on this legislation.  At least it wasn’t consciously intended as such.  I wasn’t even thinking about the Bill when I wrote it.  Perhaps, the author of the quote at the beginning of this post just assumed it was.  I have no idea.
Here is my point; I guess I was disappointed that someone would take a simple parable from the Bible about the fact that it is necessary, in the eyes of God, to help those who need help and turn it into a political statement.
Don’t get me wrong; I love a good political debate.  And let’s face it, the history of American politics has always been contentious.  Just look at the Burr-Hamilton duel or the Sumner-Brooks incident.  Granted, we have moved past that type of political debate, but how much?
I think we do a grave disservice to the Bible and to God when we attempt to use His Holy word to lift one political party over another in this country. 

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