Pets.  Oftentimes in life you are either defined as a “pet-person” or not a pet person.  This can some times be broken down into sub groups of dog people and cat people.  We are both.  We have, at various times in our lives owned cats, birds, dogs and, of course, the menagerie of what I call “kids pets”.  This would be the rats, gerbils, hamsters, goldfish, betas, etc.  Basically, we like pets.  Currently our home is occupied by dogs.  That’s them, below.  Cody the Black Lab on top, Sammy, the Yellow Lab-German Shepherd cross on the bottom.

In our cleaning business we have many clients who have pets and we take care of them just as we would one of our own pets.  We are so fond of our customers’ pets that sometimes we actually forgo the customer name and just say we are cleaning for the pet.  During a conversation with our new employee Brianna recently, we were going over the list of customers for the next day.  “Ok, so tomorrow we are cleaning for Brenda, Meredith and Amanda.”  I noticed a blank stare as Brianna had not memorized all of the clients names, yet.  “Ok, we are cleaning for ‘Gypsy’ , Meredith and ‘Sully’, tomorrow.”  “Ohhh!”  She remembered the dogs ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Sully’.  Meredith doesn’t have any pets, but the fact that she is always sandwiched between ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Sully’ sparked her memory.

Each year we give our customers a card during the Holidays.  We try to include a little something for the children.  Last year, for the first time, we included treats for the dogs and cats that we clean for.  The cats were decidedly short-changed; they only got cats toys and maybe some organic cat nip.  The dogs, however, received treats made from a recipe by Rachael Ray.  We made them ourselves.

When we decided to go to green cleaning in 2007, the fact that we were not only cleaning for humans, but also around pets, did not escape us.  That kitchen floor that we just cleaned with a product that ends in ‘sol’ is going to be layed on by a dog or a cat.  That same dog or cat will, at some point, lick themselves possibly ingesting something that could make it sick.  There is a good article here about the hazards of household cleaners on pets.

Are you a pet person?  Tell us about your favorite pet.


One response to “Pet-Friendly

  1. Gabrielle & Kim

    I feel like you’re forgetting someone.. Oh yeah, Dakota! Poor Kota 😦

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