Buying Time

Wouldn’t that be great?  “Honey, I’ll be back in a bit, I’m going to run down to the time store.  I need to pick up a few hours.”   

The reason I bring up time is that I noticed that, in June, the American Time Use Survey was released.  This report, put out by The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, details what we Americans spend our time on.  I’m sure some see it as a huge intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans, but I find it interesting (ok, I’m a geek like that).

For example, did you know that the average American spends 8.67 hours per day sleeping?  I can’t remember the last time I got eight hours of sleep.  I think I was in sixth grade.  Or, how about this one; the average American spends 3.45 hours each day watching television.  Or this one; for people who are employed, they spend 7.44 hours working (7.86 hours for men, 6.93 hours for women).

Of course, you knew I would go here: the average American spends 1.65 hours (1.79 hours for women, 1.27 hours for men) each day doing some type of housework.  You might be thinking that doesn’t sound like so much, but consider that we’ve already spent almost 20 hours of the day working, sleeping and watching television! 

If you could buy time, what would you use it to do?


One response to “Buying Time

  1. Great question. I would be still and listen.

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