Do You Know Someone?

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a networking event in St. Louis Park.  Hosted by Steve Ladin of Ladin Ventures and featuring a presentation by Jason Sandquist  There were a number of people in attendance (not the least of which was Pamela Muldoon!) and it was a very interesting event.  Most networking events I go to seem to be just a lot of people shoving business cards at you.  While there was an exchange here, there was also a topic of discussion and a very  informative talk about blogging.  Whether that part helped me or not is up to you, I guess. 

Afterward I went through the business cards I had received and reached out to each of the participants.  I asked them what would be a good referral for them and invited them to connect with us on Facebook and on Twitter.  One of them did, in a big way.  His name is Brad   and he is the owner of Media Max Events.  He gave our company a shout-out on his Facebook page!  Totally unexpected and amazing.  This person has over 400 friends.  That’s over 400 people who now know who we are, that maybe didn’t before.  Not only that, but the recommendation came from someone who they “know”. 


We all “know someone”.  We all know a business, whether it’s a one person show or a 200 plus employee corporation, that we trust, that if someone just asked us, we would recommend without hesitation.  What if there were a place on Facebook for people to promote businesses they know.  What if you could connect to this fan page and find out about a business or an organization that you may need?  I stumbled on this place the other day.  Oddly enough it’s called, “I Know Someone“.  So far, they have spotlighted mostly local businesses, but I hope they get around to making it national.  One place where a business can be recognized for being high-quality.  Worthy of the most important bit of marketing, of recognition.  The referral.  I am looking forward to following this page.

Who do you know?


2 responses to “Do You Know Someone?

  1. Mike

    Thank you for the nice shout out on your blog post:-) Really great to meet you IRL this past week.

    I agree, there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing. I also saw this FB page and hope it grows to even more than just business mentions. As we are all learning, social media is much more about the conversation than the promotion.

    Keep up the blogging! Remember…great content with consistency is key.

    Thanks again, Mike!

    Pamela Muldoon

    • Pamela

      Thanks for the kind words. You are so right. There are people that deserve to be known as well as businesses. With the encouragement and guidance of people like yourself, this blog and this site will only improve.

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