How Did Mom Do It?

I was chatting with a client the other day and she paid me what I thought was a compliment.  She said, “I spend the week after you guys come, wondering how I ever get along without you”.  But then she continued, “I spend the week before you come thinking I should just tell you NOT to come and just do it myself and save the money.  I don’t know how my Mom did it”. 

We’ve all seen June Cleaver fix a hearty breakfast, kick Ward and the kids out the door, clean the entire house, whip up a seven course meal and get Wally and the Beav to bed before settling down with Ward for an enjoyable evening of Pinochle with the neighbors.  In a dress.  With pefectly applied make-up and flawless hair. 

Surely today’s Moms should have it easier.  Look at all the technology available to the Moms of the 21st century to make their lives stress-free.  Digital calendars on their cellular phones that can turn on the lights in the house and start the pot roast.  Heck, about the only thing nobody has invented yet is something to change the baby while simultaneously grounding the teenager (of course if you have a baby and a teenager at the same time, you have more problems than technology can fix).

And yet….

Moms today are busier than ever.  I polled some of my clients, friends, peers in the business and even my own mother to see what happened between June Cleaver and today’s Mom.  Nobody knew.  The one thing they could all agree on was something that Deb Posey, owner of Lavendar Thyme Cleaning in Winona, Minnesota said, ” There are more negative influences on children now which requires more parent involvemnet.   Mothers are more involved with outside activities; time is at more of a premium. Life is much faster paced; you have to run to keep up. Homes are bigger, surfaces specialized.”  And Jen, a client of ours said, “As a working stay-at-home mom, I would definitely say it’s harder!!! Lots of running from here to there!”  Even my own mother had to admit that today’s pace is too much.  “I can’t keep up now and I have nothing to do”, she laughed.



One response to “How Did Mom Do It?

  1. Great observations and conclusions! Moms have lots of job security for sure.

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