Ok, so partly because I have expended a great deal of my creativity on our September newsletter and on a bunch of new Craigslist ads and partly because of the full moon recently (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) I have decided to share with you some Freedom-isms. 

If you are a customer or become a customer of our service and you happen to be home when we clean, you may hear some of these.

Blanket-Bless:  Usually issued to Bri in homes that have pets or when she is on dusting duty.  Poor thing has allergies and sneezes a LOT.  To avoid an endless string of “Bless-You’s”  we simply issue a Blanket-Bless.

Bread Crumbs:  This is what happens when cleaning towels inadvertently fall out of the bucket either on the way into or out of the home.  As in; “Mike’s leaving Bread Crumbs, again.”

Lights off, rugs down: Final checklist before leaving a home

Pss!:  This word (?) is multi-purposed and can be used whenever a more appropriate phrase cannot be found quick enough.  It can be uttered out of frustration.  For example, if we are leaving a bathroom and turn off the lights only to see a streak in the mirror. “Pss!”  It can be used as a training tool.  “How do you get this gunk off of the stove top?”  “Just give it a pss! and then use a microfiber to buff it.”  It has come in handy and is generally credited to Mardi.

‘S All Good:  This phrase is usually preceded by a loud noise and is given as reassurance to the rest of the team that no property or physical damage came about as a result of the aforementioned noise.   More often than not the noise was a result of a bottle of cleaner being knocked over or a mop falling down.  Failure to hear ” ‘S all good!” would probably result in someone looking for the insurance agent’s phone number.  Fortunately, we’ve never had to do that.

I hope you have enjoyed these “Freedom-isms”.  I’m sure we’ll be adding more and we will keep you updated.


One response to “Freedom-isms

  1. Mike, I especially love the last one. However, it reminds me of an episode of CHEERS years ago when Sam got an “It’ s covered” from the back room thinking someone’s bill had been covered when really the pool table did. Some people find a way to get around anything. LOL. Fun blog!

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