Do you remember mowing lawns as a kid?  How much did you get paid? I used to get a dollar.  Maybe two.  Ok, fine it was the 70’s.  That two dollars could have probably filled up my gas tank.   

We pay our kids between $10.00 and $20.00 for this chore, depending on whether or not they pick up after the dogs and rake the clippings, too.  I figured we were being generous.  Wrong!  When I did some  research on this, I found that this was the norm.  I read forum after forum and found the going rate was anywhere from $10.00 “for an average sized lawn” to $20.00 (the average) all the way up to $50.00 every week.  I was shocked.

 We run into this sometimes, too.  We go into a home and quote a price to scrub the kitchen sinks, dust the furniture, scrub the toilets and bathtubs or showers and vacuum.  Sometimes, we never hear from these people again.  Sometimes, we hear that we are over-priced.  It happens.  So, what is the going rate for a house cleaning or maid service? 

The pricing depends on a lot of things; how big is the home?  How many occupants does the home have?  Are there pets in the home?  How often is the home being cleaned?  Is the cleaning going to be a one-time, deep cleaning or a scheduled recurring cleaning? 

According to, the average single story, seven room house would cost you between$95.00 – $300.00 for a one time cleaning or between $79.00 and $150.00 every other week.  A two-story, nine room home would run between $149.00 – $400.00 for a one-time cleaning and between $104.00 to $180.00 bi-weekly.  These same figures can be found at

But what are the intangibles?  Is your home cleaner, healthier?  Does it save you time, freeing you to do other things?  If it gives you more time to spend with your family, can you put a price on that?    Only you can say what the real value of such a service is.


2 responses to “Values

  1. Those rates sound good to me and we definitely fall within those numbers when we quote. The problem is that there are too many people out there cleaning illegally and not paying taxes and that interferes with our business. A lot of people don’t realize how much it costs to have a legitimate business vs just someone cleaning without having the overhead costs. Maybe they don’t think about the fact that they are doing something wrong. It’s too bad that this has been accepted and expected for so long. I wish the government would step in and put a stop to those cleaners who don’t pay their taxes.

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. You’re right, there are others out there who are trying to do it cheaper (or should I say ‘on the cheap’), as I discussed in my post titled “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news”. But this is true with a lot of different companies. I think the cleaning companies who prove themselves to be honest and caring will prevail over the others. It has been that way in business since the beginning of time.

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