You Can’t Please Everyone.

I don’t know why this always hits me like this.  It just does.

We have lost three customers in the last week.  While I know that this business is like that, it hasn’t kept me from behaving like a two-year old on a sugar buzz crash.  It happens; you lose customers from time to time and for various reasons.  Sometimes the household has to tighten its collective belt.  I get that.  I’d feel awful if a family were doing without in order to afford us (not that I think that would happen). 

Sometimes the reason is that the client is moving out of our service area.  If it’s within the metropolitan area, I briefly consider extending our service area, but in the long run it would be cost prohibitive.  I get that one, too.  Although it’s like putting the chocolate cake under lock and key.  We had so many good times and now you can’t get to it.

The ones that are hardest for me to swallow are the ones that leave because we did not meet their standards.  It’s not that I am thinking we are perfect.  We are human and we make mistakes like everyone else.  We always own up to these and move on.  Frankly, we have only lost three customers in over four and a half years for this reason. 

One told us right up front that she had been a cleaner herself and had hired and fired four cleaning services in the last four years.  Make that five in four years, now.  We lasted exactly two cleanings at this woman’s home.  Honestly, I should have seen that one coming.

You can’t please everyone, every time.  It doesn’t mean you can try, but that just makes it all the harder when you fail.


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