Combating cruelty with (Q)Kindness.

As I begin writing this, I have no details.  I only know one thing; that the QKindness Cafe was broken into last night.

For those of you who don’t know what the QKindness is, let me say this; you are denying yourself a treat if you don’t go there at least once.  The Q (as I call it) is a cafe in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota owned and operated by Lisa and Jimmy Metwaly. 

The whole premise of the cafe, as you might guess,is kindness.  They have been known to pass out flowers to unsuspecting passerby with a note attached to hold on to the flowers for one hour and then give them away to someone else.  They have a wheel in the restaurant called “The Kindness Wheel” .  You spin the wheel and whatever it lands on, say a slice of pie, you pay for.  When someone comes in and orders that item, they get it free, because you already bought it.

The irony of last night’s act is mind numbing.  A cafe, known for it random acts of kindness, being broken into.  It doesn’t matter what was taken, what was damaged.  I don’t know that anything was taken or damaged and that’s not the point.  The point is that a business that prides itself on promoting kind acts was the victim of the exact opposite.

There is only one way to fight this kind of act and that is to do the same thing.  I’m not ordinarily a vengeful person but I am going to suggest becoming just like this person.  Do the polar opposite of what he or she did last night, only do it ten times better. 

Lisa Metwaly always says that the first week of each month is Kindness Week.  For each of the seven days of the week, do a random act of kindness.   She even has a Facebook page where you can tell the story of kindness, either something that you did or an act by someone else.  Well here is our opportunity to be better than the scum that broke into the QKindness last night.  If they can do something horrible to a kind place, we can do something wonderful to offset it.  Open a door, smile at someone who needs it, help a neighbor.  It doesn’t have to be a huge act.  Just something that sends a message.  Kindness will always win out over cruelty.


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