Got a Secret? Share it!

Do you do something different in your business than your competitors do?  Do you market your business in a unique way?  Would you give that information away to your peers, your competitors?

Recently we started banging away at craigslist as a marketing tool again.  I know I had said in a previous post that I thought CL was dead as a source of jobs.  I may have been premature with that pronouncement.  When a peer in Colorado ran some pictures of her craigslist ads on her Facebook page, I figured, ‘ok I’ll try it again’.

The trouble with CL is, everybody’s ad pretty much looks the same.  It’s text and maybe a few keyboard generated graphics.  Anybody can do that.  Even Mr. and/or  Mrs. “I’ll clean your whole house for $10.00!”. 

I wanted something that stood out.  Something that said, “we are professional.  We have a weird sense of humor, but we’re professional”. 


 The details are boring, but after a couple of weeks, I found a way to create an ad using plenty of color and graphics and photos and post it to Craigslist complete with a link to our website.   As far as any other ads for cleaning services here in the Twin Cities, I believe it was unique.  Not tooting my horn, I just hadn’t seen anything else like it.

I posted some of these to our fan page and got several requests wondering how we did this. 

I love the thought that we can exchange ideas and techniques.  I love being able to help others.  It’s too bad, we don’t all do that more often, really.  Conversations I’d love to hear:

“Hello Starbucks?  Hey, this is Caribou Coffee in Minnesota.  Yeah we just came up with a new recipe and it is flying off the shelves.  You wat to try it out?”

“BP?  This is Joe Blow over at ExxonMobile.  Say our researchers just told us about a possible problem that could cause oil rigs to explode and sink, which might dump a LOT of oil.  I’m sending it over to you in an email.”

“Hi Delta Airlines?  This is Southwest Airlines.  We see you are kind of struggling lately even with all the bag fees and such.  We know how you could save a few bucks.  Let’s do lunch next week.” 

Business is business and these conversations may never take place, but we can all benefit from each others’ experience and experiments. 

What can you teach your peers or competitors?


One response to “Got a Secret? Share it!

  1. Being in the same field and having received phone calls time to time from competitors, the first gut reaction I find myself having is that of a Mama Bear protecting her cubs. After taking a deep breath, and thinking about those who have helped and continue to help in our adventure in the cleaning field, I am more than happy to help!

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