The Ol’ Dust Slinger

As a Minnesotan, I have been paying attention to the Brett Favre saga, obviously.  The thing that has struck me since the first game of this season has been his expressions.

The truly great quarterbacks of the NFL always have the same thing in common.  Whether it’s John Elway or Dan Marino or Joe Montana; they always looked like they were having fun, even if they weren’t.  The camera would catch them after an interception or a bad pass and there might be frustration there, but they still looked like they were having the times of their lives.  They were getting paid huge amounts of money to do something they loved. 

Brett always had that, too.  I say had, because it’s been gone this year.  From the first time he came out of the tunnel, Brett has looked like he wished he was anywhere but on the field, and it has shown in his play.

Only Brett knows for sure why he came back one more last time.  My hunch is that it had something to do with a sense of personal obligation.  He knew in his heart that he was in no condition to play another year, but he felt he owed the Vikings, his teammates something.  At least that’s the way I like to think of it.

I hope that when I get to that point in my career, someone says something.  I hope that I can count on one of you to stop me when I get to the point where I can no longer physically or mentally do an excellent job at my chosen profession.  I don’t want to hear Troy Aikman and Joe Buck in my head…

“And here comes Mike Rathbun, Troy.  You know some people say he should have retired awhile ago.  What do you think?”  “Well, Joe, Mike was excellent in his day, but lately his performance has been way off.  That mopping job in Dallas last week was certainly not one of his best performances.”

You get my point.  Just say something.


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