I was thinking last night as I watched election returns, about the state of our congress now.  The GOP has control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats have control (albeit a much smaller one than before last night) of the Senate.

How do you think everyone will get along?  Do you think they will all do what’s best for all Americans or just for those that elected them?  Will they be able to tackle the tough decisions without resorting to partisan politics? 

I tried to imagine what would happen if this were the case on a micro level.  If one day I simply told my team that a home needed to be cleaned and nothing else.  They all know how to clean, but what if they decided that they didn’t like to do a particular job and there was no direction from me on who was supposed to do what?  Would they do it?  Would they pull together, each putting aside their own issues to work as a team to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time?

Or would one of them say, “I don’t like cleaning bathrooms and so I am not going to do anything”.  Or, would they bicker about who was supposed to do what until they had wasted so much time that the company lost money on that particular job.

I have absolute confidence in my team.  I know they would all pull together for the greater good of the customer and the company and make that place shine.  Because when each member of a team works together, even if it is at something he or she doesn’t particularly want to do, the customer is happy and the boss is happy and so the team member is happy. 

Sometimes, you have to bend a little to accomplish this.  Smetimes you have to compromise.  You may not think it’s the best way to do a job, but in the interest of getting the job done, you bite your tongue and you do it. 

I think it’s been proven that there are no easy fixes or solutions to the mess this country is in, economically.  I just hope that our elected leaders are adult enough to work as a team to do what’s best for the majority of Americans.


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