Preparing for “it”.

They told us it was coming.  For at least two days we heard the reports.  Granted, the severity may have been down-played or guessed at, but we can’t deny that we were warned.

Some made efforts to prepare.  Some made none.  After all, it’s Minnesota, this is to be expected, right?  Most have done this all their lives.  It happens every year.  And yet…

This evening’s news reports will be filled with stories about just how poorly we were prepared.  The number of accidents and spin-outs will be reported and most people will be shocked.  And the vast majority will be drivers from Minnesota, not some southern state where they don’t deal with this kind of weather.  Minnesota.

In business there are models that tell us what to expect for sales, as well.  We either heed them or we choose to ignore them.  We may believe that we have been doing this for a long time and we know better than some computer model.  We may think we’re prepared, but not be. 

Will you be the snow plow, blazing a trail for others to follow, or will you be on the evening news, spun out, waiting for someone to pull you out of the ditch?  Preparedness will determine the difference.


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