Kindness. Pass it on.

Last summer we decided to get a group of cleaning service owners from Minnesota and Wisconsin together.  A chance to collaborate, to learn and to share.  It was a great time and we made new friendships along the way.

We held the event at the Q Kindness Cafe in downtown Saint Paul.  This is a great venue with super food and the owners, Lisa and Jimmy Metwaly, are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  Lisa believes that kindness is contagious and invites us all to pass it on.  Little did we realize that kindness would indeed find us through one of the participants of our little get-together.

Lisa Althoff was one of the attendees at this event.  She owns Neat Freaks Cleaning Company, based out of Blaine, Minnesota.  We have been in touch with Lisa several times since the “Cleaners Meet-Up”. Whenever we had leads we could pass to her or just to ask a question.  Earlier this year, she shared her training manual with us.  But what really amazed us was when she told us she was considering down-sizing her business and asked if we would mind if she sent some of her customers our way.  Wow!  And the cool thing is, she didn’t just limit it to us.  Lisa has referred her former customers to several other cleaning services in the north metro, including Trina Cronier and Tina Estrada. Kindness, indeed!

Thank you, Lisa Althoff.  What comes around, goes around in this world.  It is refreshing in these days of partisan politics and ugly economic news to see someone so genuinely giving and selfless.  You embody the spirit of what Lisa Metwaly is trying to do and we couldn’t be more grateful.


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