Spreading Kindness Part 1

I had this great idea for a blog about the positive impact we, as cleaning or maid service owners, could have on individuals.  Part of the inspiration came from the time I’ve spent with Lisa Metwaly, owner of the Q Kindness cafe in Saint Paul, Minnesota.   As I was hashing this blog out in mind, I logged onto Facebook and found an announcement from Lisa that the cafe that her husband Jimmy had bought years ago and she had transformed into a hub of Kindness in a oftentimes cruel world, had closed it’s doors.


I’ve mentioned The Q Kindness in several posts including this one.  That’s because I believed in what Lisa was doing.  Sure, maybe it was a marketing strategy, but the kindness was real.  Imagine going to pay for your meal and finding out it had been paid for already because someone had spun the “Kindness Wheel” and paid for whatever it had landed on.  Ok, feeding the starving in Africa it isn’t, but it made someone’s day and in turn, that person was inspired to do something nice for someone else.  The blanket drive that she organized for the victims of the earthquake in Japan last year, was no marketing stunt.  We got our clients involved and were able to ship a bunch of blankets to Japan.  Maybe that made someone’s life just a little easier.  The mitten drive surely kept someone’s hand a little warmer.

I was sad that the Q Kindness had closed, but that won’t stop Lisa.  You can’t keep kindness bottled up and confined to a small cafe in Saint Paul.  Lisa has been going global and continues to do so with her website Kinactor.  What is a Kinactor, you might ask.  According to the website, a Kinactor is; Kinactor (ke’-nakt-er) noun 1. A kind actor connector. 2. A person who initiates kind acts and asks others to do the same.  Pretty cool and just what this world needs, if you ask me.

So, instead of writing a blog about how we can make a difference in an individuals’ life, I have written a post about someone who inspired me.  I guess this will have to be split into two parts.  Because, you see, kindness is too big to be limited to one blog post.  It has ripple effects and it can transform not only your life but, more importantly, others.


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