Spreading Kindness Part 2

Ok, so this is the post I originally intended to write.  When you think about businesses and kindness what type of business do you generally think of?  I’ll bet it probably is not a cleaning or maid service, is it?

If you live in Minnesota, where we are located, you might remember Joan Steffend from her days as a news anchor at KARE 11.  If you live elsewhere in the country you might know Joan from her work on HGTV’s Decorating Cents.  I was reading a story about Joan the other day.  It seems that she has been busy, post Decorating Cents, with a new project; Peace Begins With Me.  There was a quote from Joan in that article that stuck with me.  It is simple, yet powerful.  “Remember who you are. Be who you are. Share who you are. Change the world.”

What does this have to do with us, as owners of maid or cleaning services?  We all have many opportunities to make someone’s day (even though your clients may already say that you make their day).  We have the opportunity to make someone’s life a little easier, a little better simply by doing what we do.  Perhaps you have heard of Cleaning for a Reason, the organization that provides free cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment.  Recently one of our C4R patients asked if there was a service in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that participated with C4R because a dear friend of her family had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  There was not.

Or perhaps you have heard of Cleaning With a Meaning.  Founded by Kara Anderson, a service owner undergoing her own battle with cancer, Cleaning With a Meaning provides free home cleanings to families with sick children, enabling that family to focus its attention on the child and not on household chores.  These are just two examples of opportunities we have to positively impact others in our communities.  There’s also, Cleaning for Heroes, the organization that provides cleaning and other household services for disabled and elderly veterans.  All of these require a small portion of your time and very little, if any, actual outlay of money on your part.  But the kindness you provide is invaluable.  Mardi and I joined Cleaning for a Reason in August of 2008 out of a need to give back.  It has been the most rewarding thing that we have ever done and it has had little or no affect on our bottom line.

There was one other quote from the article about Joan Steffend that sums all of this up.  “We are all connected in seen and unseen ways. Science has caught up with that spiritual philosophy. What one person puts out energetically is felt by all. It ripples around the world,”  Today I challenge you to start a new ripple with your cleaning or maid service.


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