Looks Can Be Deceiving.

There is just something about moving into a home.  Whether it’s your first home or you’ve moved a hundred times, the experience is always exciting.  Stressful, tedious and labor intensive, yes, but exciting nonetheless.

As the housing market continues to improve, more and more people are experiencing that excitement again.  There are good deals to be had in the housing market.  Recently we cleaned for a young family that managed to purchase a 5,000 square foot home on 11 acres of land.  The price they paid for it was a steal and before the boom this home would have sold for well over a million.  They got it for less than half that amount.  Of course there was a trade-off.  Many of the fixtures in the home were removed by the previous owners.  Items like granite counter-tops, light fixtures, etc. had to be replaced by the bank with less flashy items such as laminate counter tops.  Still, a great deal.

We have seen a large increase in Move-In cleanings recently and we are happy to be involved in that exciting time in people’s lives.  Most people believe their new homes just need a “shine”.  A light cleaning to remove dust that has built up while the home was vacant.

That was the case this past weekend with a couple who had recently purchased a home that had been a daycare, in its previous life.  They were excited to have the furniture moved in and start entertaining their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  When we arrived, they told us, “The previous owners left it in pretty good shape.  it should just need a shine up”.

As I mentioned in a blog a couple of years ago, most of your senses come into play when evaluating how ‘dirty’ a home is.  At first glance, the home was in pretty good shape.  But, further inspection, three hours worth of work and several Mr. Clean Magic Erasers later, the home was in relatively good shape and ready for furniture and grandchildren.

Items not easily seen from the floor such as range hoods and high kitchen cabinets, can be filthy.  The bathtubs and shower stalls can look clean and shiny, but if you run your fingernail down them, you may end up with a soap scum under your nail.  The toilet bowl may look free of hard water rings and scum, but what about underneath it?  There may be mold or mildew.  These are all things that we are trained to look for and see.

You want your new home to be perfect.  Moving into a home is like starting a new chapter in your life.  You are excited to make your new place yours.  You shouldn’t have to do it with the previous owners’ dirt in the way.


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