It’s all about trust.

Trust.  Is there any more important ingredient in a cleaning business?  You might be the world’s best cleaner, but if people don’t trust you, you will never have clients (also an important ingredient, but if you don’t have the former, you’ll never have the latter).

Mardi and I have always marveled at the trust that people place in us.  It is incredibly humbling to think that someone you don’t know; have never met until that in-home estimate, would invite you into their home to clean.  Their home.  The place where most people feel most secure.  I wondered what made people trust someone so completely as to invite a (relatively) complete stranger into the place where they feel safest to clean it.

As I was doing some research, I stumbled upon an article by Margie Warrell, a best selling author, speaker and life coach, about the key ingredients for trust.  You can find the article here, but let me sum it up for you.  Trust is built on three principles.

Competence:  In the case of a residential cleaning business; does the prospective client think you know what you’re doing?  Are you proving to them that you know a thing or two about cleaning homes?

Reliability: According to Margie Warrell, reliability is “about whether you can count on someone to manage and honor their commitments”.  When you set up an appointment to meet a prospective client for the in-home estimate, are you on time?  If they asked for a list of references, did you bring it?  If the client perceives you to not be reliable, you will never have their trust.

SinceritySincerity boils down to how the prospective client asses our character, our “fundamental integrity” as Margie Warrell puts it.  While the person interviewing you (because in addition to providing them with a firm quote to clean their house, make no mistake; you are being interviewed) may care less whether the average person on the street is an honest, upstanding individual with morals and values, you are not the average person on the street.  The prospective client is considering you to come into their home and clean it.  While you may not be expected to walk on water, you had better be able to doggy-paddle with style and grace!

Like I said, we are so grateful that our clients have chosen us to clean their homes.  We are nothing short of honored that out of all the cleaning businesses and persons in the world we were deemed worthy of a homeowners’ trust.



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