Trust Destroyed

I like to think I am a pretty easy-going guy, but today I am fuming.  As a matter of fact, I probably shouldn’t even be writing this.  The words of my wife keep echoing in my head; “Put it in draft!”.  In other words; don’t write angry.

We have talked in this blog before about trust.  I am always somewhat surprised by the trust that folks feel they can place in us.  Surprised.  Humbled.  Honored. Yes, we have done everything we can think of to instill that trust.  We are licensed as a business with the state of Minnesota.  We are fully insured.  we are bonded.  We provide references when requested.  Still…

We received a call over the weekend who found our ad on Craigslist.  She needed to find someone to clean her Grandmother’s duplex so her family could put it on the market.  Her Grandmother is in the Hospital and will be moving to an assisted living facility upon her release.  The woman who contacted us told her Mother she would take care of getting someone to clean the place.  And she had.  Before she called us.

She found a man on Craigslist who quoted this woman a price and said he would take care of it.  He took care of it, alright.  This, he doesn’t deserve to be called a person, this THING, came to Grandma’s house and took the check that they had pre-arranged to leave there.  He rifled through mostly emptied drawers (the former renter had already moved out) and found and stole the Mother’s cell phone.  He even took the freaking shower curtains!!  What he did not do was clean.

Sadly some of the blame lies at the feet of the woman who hired this scumbag for not doing her due diligence.  Not checking refrences, asking for proof of insurance, etc.  Still, it’s hard for me to be mad at her.  She was stressed, her Grandmother’s in the hospital, she’s trying to take care of things.  She should have checked up on this steaming pile of crap.  Is she to blame for being ripped off?  Absolutley not!

We advertise on Craigslist a lot.  Tools like this make it harder for people to trust other people.  And that, my friends is the saddest part of this whole story.


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