Finding Mike Miller

Recently I had the good fortune to read an article by Lois K. Geller.  Ms. Geller is an expert in direct marketing and owns a Marketing company in Hollywood, Florida.  Oddly Lois and I became connected on Foursquare earlier that same day.  Maybe that’s what made me notice the article.

The title of the article, posted in Forbes, is “How Just One Great Employee Can Make The Brand”.  Basically it’s all about how a Petco employee named Mike Miller changed Ms. Geller’s opinion of the Petco brand while training her unruly dog.

As home cleaners we have a unique opportunity to make people’s’ days.  I mean, simply coming home to a clean house should be enough to make your day, right?   A bad cleaning day, however, can completely turn any good feelings into bad feelings.  Our clients pay good money to make sure that they don’t have to do anything in the way of cleaning when they come home.  Our clients are basically paying to have us give them more time in their lives.  If they come home and something isn’t dusted or something is not completely clean, that defeats the purpose.

But when we DO get it all right, maybe that’s not enough.  Maybe, like Mike Miller, we need to do the little extra things that make clients not just happy, but willing to crow about their cleaning service!  Go beyond cleaning everything we say we will clean and take it to the next level.


Little things like learning how to cleverly fold the toilet paper to bring a grin to the clients’ face.  Shining up the chrome trash can.  Maybe a personal note to a client welcoming them home to their clean house and hoping they had a great day.  Where does this spirit come from?  It comes from a place deep inside an employee.  It comes from taking responsibility for their work.  It comes from taking pride in their job and the company they work for.  It comes from an attitude of helping others.  That’s where the Mike Miller’s of the world come from.

We think we have three Mike Miller’s here at Freedom Cleaning Services, but it’s a great reminder to keep doing the extra things that make our clients not just happy, but relieved on cleaning day.  So much so that they’ll tell their friends about us.  Thanks, Lois Geller!

How about you?  Are there any Mike Miller’s where you shop or at a business that you patronize?  Who is this person and what makes them special?


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