Want to be happy? Make your bed.

ImageDo you want to be happier?  It seems this time of year, the winter doldrums have everybody down a little bit.  It seems like an effort to just get out of bed and get our day started.  What can we do to make ourselves just a little happier?  Not just today or tomorrow, but everyday.  Here’s one way.  Make your bed!

My brother and I had to make our beds every day before school and I am not sure that it made us happier.  But with age comes wisdom, so they say.

According to Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, making your bed every morning has a strong link to better productivity and stronger skills at sticking to a budget.  It also boosts happiness.

Think about it.  You stumble out of bed each morning and you think; ‘I should make my bed’.  And then you answer yourself; ‘Why?  I’m just going to be back in it in a few hours, anyway!’  What kind of attitude is that?



According to Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book The Happiness Project says that the number one resolution that people creating their own ‘happiness project‘ did was to make their beds each day.  

When you leave your bed in a heap you feel defeated by your bed, your alarm clock and your generally sleepy mood.  When you take control of your bed (your life), you naturally feel better.  You walk out of your home each day with the knowledge that no matter what the rest of the day holds you accomplished one thing.  That emboldens and motivates you to do more.

Just a side note:  Although bed making is a service we offer, we’re not sure that having us make your bed counts. 


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