A Home of Our Own.

Have you ever seen HGTV’s House Hunters?  It is a reality show about people searching for homes to buy that meet their criteria of location, amenities and price.  Oftentimes they end up sacrificing and prioritizing and don’t get exactly what they want or end up going over their budget, if they want everything.

We have been thinking about an office for a couple of years, now.  Our business, our baby, was outgrowing our home.  With Mardi’s desk in the kitchen, my desk in the basement and the supplies and laundry threatening to completely take over the laundry room, not to mention the family dogs barking out a warning to some poor soul simply walking down the street just as you placed a call to a potential client or making sure the house was clean before having the employees come in for a meeting, it was time to kick our “baby” out of the house.

Like the people on House Hunters, we had a budget and a list of amenities we wanted such as; a laundry area room for storage, room for training, frontage to a major street would also be nice.

After looking at several places stretching our budget and with not nearly the space we would have liked and only one that had frontage on a major street, we were complaining to our accountant and she, always the protector of our finances, put us in touch with a client of hers that had an office for rent.

It’s perfect!  One block off of Hwy 65, still in our home town of Ham Lake, 850 square feet and for a small fee, they even put in a washer dryer hookup!

Freedom Cleaning Services has a home of it’s own.


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