It’s all about the family.

Family.  It’s one of the reasons we started Freedom Cleaning Services back in 2006.  We were both laid off and needed to continue to feed and house ours.

But what we do goes way beyond our family.  It extends to the families we service and beyond.  Our goal is to touch as many families in a positive way as possible.

Family sitting on bikes on path smiling

We are in business to make money, of course, but we found early on that we can do this AND make a positive impact.  First, it was just giving families more time by taking one of the most life sucking chores in the history of chores off of their hands.  Home cleaning.

Next, in 2008, we joined Cleaning for a Reason.  Through C4R, we can give women one less thing to worry about by cleaning their homes at no charge while they are going through cancer treatment.

Starting in January of this year, we began a real push.  We created a new page on our website to be used as a Family Resource Guide.  Our hope is that a family member who needs a service or business can go to our website and find what they need.  We spotlight local businesses and individuals.

Now we want to help families struggling to feed their families.  We are talking to NACE (North Anoka County Emergency Food Shelf) about ways we can help.  One way is through donations.  During the month of July, for every dollar NACE collects in donations, Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless will proportionately match.  The more donations, the bigger the grant.  And considering the fact that NACE can turn one dollar of donations into $8.60 in buying power, that would make a huge difference for hungry families.





If you would like to donate and help hungry families in Anoka County, you can do so here.

We will continue to look for ways that we can help families in our community.  because it really is all about the family.


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