Dust Like a Pro

Dust.  The word sounds so innocuous but the mere composition is enough to make a person squirm.  Primarily dead skin cells, dust is also made up of (in no particular order) decomposing insects, hair, pet dander, pollen and even mite excrement.

Dust and the mites that feed on it can cause allergic reactions in up to 20 million Americans.  While it may seem like a chore to dust your home, it can help improve your indoor air quality immensely.

Below, we have put together a few tips on how to get rid of dust like the pros.

1)  What needs to be dusted?  Anything in your home that has a surface (yes, the top of the picture frames are considered a surface).  And don’t forget curtains, dust ruffles, pillows, bedspreads and comforters as well as your mattress occasionally.

2)  Set aside your embarrassment.  Dust is a fact of life.  Just because your home is dusty doesn’t make it dirty.  Some homes, older ones primarily, are dustier than others.  You can help yourself by sealing doors and windows with sealing caulk to keep them airtight and by making sure your furnace and A/C are properly cleaned.  Also, change your filter regularly.

3)  Cleaning is not a chore everyone likes, but it is necessary for a healthy home.  To make it easier on yourself, keep a microfiber cloth in those rooms you dust more frequently and use it dampened.

4)  Here’s something you don’t often hear in life; start at the top.  Nothing is more demoralizing than vacuuming or cleaning the floor and then dusting a bookshelf or ceiling fan only to have a pile of dust drop onto your clean floor.  Top to bottom should be your mantra when dusting.

5)  And speaking of the floor; invest in a vacuum with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filter.  Also, a HEPA air purifier with allergen reducers will reduce dust.

6)  Did you know that eighty percent of the dirt in our homes comes from what we track in on our shoes?  Get a mat for the entrance to your home and periodically clean it, letting it dry before replacing it.

7)  Some folks need to schedule things.  You should dust furniture and electronics weekly and ceilings, ceiling fans, windows sills, baseboards and window treatments monthly.  Scheduled.  BOOM!

8)  Don’t forget the places you don’t see.  This is where dust oftentimes flourishes.  Under the couch, bed or any other furniture is a breeding ground for dust bunnies; those oh, so NOT cute clumps of dust that roam the dark areas of your home.

9)  Finally, take it slow.  Dust flies when whipped up by a flurry of activity.  You may be removing it from one spot and depositing it on another.  And when the dusting cloth is full, remember to shake it out outside.

There you go.  A few tips on how you can improve the air quality in your home by dusting like a pro.  What are your favorite dusting tips?


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