“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.”

We have always been all about making families’ lives easier, here at Freedom Cleaning Services.  


Why do we think this way?  Because we are a family-owned business.  We know what it’s like to deal with the demands of family life.  The kids have school (and all that that implies like, homework, activities, sports, etc.), you have work; both the kind that pays and the kind that comes with owning a home.  Sometimes the demands on your time seem endless.

Originally it was all about the cleaning.  We were proud that we could take a chore that might take someone several hours to do over a weekend and give that back to them, to their family.  Several hours that could be spent reading bed-time stories or going to the park or having a date night.

And then it became about the health.  We spent a LOT of time trying different cleaners that claimed to be green.  We felt it was necessary to provide not only time and a clean home, but a healthy home as well.  We finally landed on Restore Naturals as our cleaner of choice.  We know them to be green PLUS they are made right here in our neighborhood.  Since we can pick them up, we aren’t wasting resources by having them shipped to us across the country. 

A couple of months ago, we were thinking about the process everyone had to go through to get a price quote from us.  You had to go to our website, and fill out a form.  This would be emailed to us and then we had to figure out what it would cost.  This could take upwards of 24 hours.  At that point we would email you back with a price range.  If you felt that the price was within the range you were expecting to pay, you would invite us out to your home and we would walk through with you and listen to your needs and wants.  At the end, we would give you a firm price and if you liked it, we could put you on the calendar.  *whew*!  That process could take several days.  We decided that if a family is busy, why would they want to take several days to get a price and schedule and book a cleaning?  

So, we built our new page and we are very proud of it!  Here our potential clients can do in a few minutes what used to take days to do.  Get a price, schedule and book a cleaning and pay for it.

I keep thinking about a quote from Thomas Edison.  “There’s a way to do it better.  Find it.”  

We will always be looking for ways to “do it better”.  Be more helpful to busy families.  Give them more time.  Clean better, more healthy, more efficiently.


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