Living Guilt Free

So there I was; trying to come up with another ad to post for the company.  What to write to grab someone’s attention?

My go-to theme had been (for way too long) “busy families”.  Were people getting tired of hearing about how busy they are?  What other reason would make someone think twice about hiring a maid service?  (I was going on the assumption that money wasn’t the issue because if it was, they wouldn’t be looking for a maid service.)

And then it hit me.  Guilt.  Most people (women, especially) see cleaning house as something they should be able to do and hiring a maid service to do it seems either A) Like a waste of money, B) Lazy, C) Self-indulgent or D) All of the above.

Think about it, though.  Do you feel guilty having someone cook you a meal in a restaurant or having someone grow the produce you buy at the farmer’s market?  You can cook and you can grow vegetables.  

Perhaps you feel bad about asking someone else to do what you are physically able to do.  Nonsense.  While it may not have been what they dreamed of when someone asked what they waned to be when they grew up, the people you hire to clean your home depend on the money they get from cleaning for you.  It feeds their family and it frees you up to do other things (I know.  I’m back to busy lives, again).



Perhaps you feel guilty asking someone to do what some might call “degrading” work.  I can tell you without a doubt that those of us who do this type of work do not feel “degraded”.  We know that what we are doing is important.  You and your family have a cleaner and healthier home and this frees you up to do those things that are truly important to you.  Both of those have real value.

So the next time you feel as though you need some real help around the house, stuff that guilt and pick up the phone and call a maid service.  Trust me, everyone involved will be glad you did! 






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