Cleaning to Sell

So, your home simply isn’t working for you, anymore.  Too many/too few kids, new job in a different town (pick one), whatever the reason you have decided to sell it.  How exciting/terrifying for you (again, pick one)!!

The good news is, in many parts of the country the housing market has picked up nicely and there are some deals to be had.  If you want to know how the market is doing, ask the experts.  One in particular comes to mind, Teresa Boardman.  She would be happy to tell you.

Of course you want to get as much money for your home as possible.  Here are a few things inside the home that will help with that.

 In the bathroom

Polish chrome faucets.

Scrub the bath / shower (if it is particularly bad, you may want to consider re caulking shower and bath tile).

Clean the mirrors.

Put out fresh towels.

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In the kitchen

While we are all proud of our kitchen gadgets, when preparing to sell your home the ‘less-is-more’ axiom comes into play, here.  Take everything except maybe a coffee maker off the kitchen counters.  Done?  Good.  Now wipe up those toast droppings where the toaster was and any dust accumulation where everything else was.  Again, if your kitchen sink and faucet have any chrome, shine it up.  Same goes for any stainless appliances.  We use an awesome green stainless product.  Wet wipe the cabinets to get rid of drips and spills.  And finally make sure to vacuum and mop the floor daily while the home is on the market.

All other areas

De-cluttering is a must.  Make sure to dust literally everything when you clean.  Pay special attention to baseboards.  Also ceiling fans tend to get neglected.  Nobody wants to come into a home and look up to see five dusty ceiling fan blades staring back at them!

And as long as we are looking up make sure to find and remove any and all cobwebs.  Unless you are marketing to the Addams Family, nobody wants to see those.



Also make sure to have the windows washed and the carpet cleaned.  If you live in Anoka County Minnesota, ask us for recommendations.  We don’t do that, but we absolutely know some pros.

Once the carpeting is cleaned, make sure to vacuum it every day it is on the market.

And don’t forget areas such as light switches and “touch points” around door knobs and walls.  These spots gather finger marks and smudges.  A once over with a magic eraser can make these tasks much easier.

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A final note about smells

The conventional wisdom just a few years ago was that potential buyers wanted lots of “homey” smells in a home.  People would be encouraged to boil vanilla and cinnamon on the stove to fill the house with those  feel-good scents.  This is NOT encouraged anymore.

The new conventional wisdom when it comes to selling homes is that NO odor is preferable to “comfort scents”.  Open the windows as much as possible while the home is on the market.  Curtail the cooking of smelly food (fish, anyone?) prior to open houses.  Make it as neutral smelling as possible.

Well, there you go.  Now the rest is up to you.  Get out there and sell your home and if you need a little help getting it ready, give us a call.


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