Everything in it’s Own Time

We did not start this business to get rich.

I have to keep telling myself that for some reason since yesterday.  We started this business for a lot of reasons; to feed, house and clothe our family, primarily.  To make a living.  To make a life.

Everything else; going green, running our business our way, making policy that makes sense, educating the public about the benefits of green cleaning, EVERYTHING else is secondary.

back2back               family_portrait

To be able to be home when the kids got home from school, to take camping trips as a family, to make sure we had a roof over our heads, food on the table and clean clothes to wear.  Every decision we made was based on these needs.  Did we miss out on some more money because we turned down jobs that would have required us to work nights or longer hours?  Absolutely.

I always see photos in my Instagram feed telling me to click on the link in the bio to see how to become wealthy working from home.   That’s not me.

And I’m OK with that.

We met a couple yesterday who have their own cleaning service in our area.  They are looking for someone to sub for them on foreclosure cleanings.  They have been in business about 7 years longer than we have and are about our age.  They were talking about their days; eight to eleven hours a day every day (in the field.  This does not include bookkeeping or any of the other tasks involved in running your own business.).  Driving all over the Twin Cities from Elk River to Lakeville to North Saint Paul.  They had never hired employees in the 16 years they had been in business.   They were also looking for someone to help with their jobs so they could take a vacation.  I left feeling like the biggest slacker in the world.

We all prioritize and make decisions when it comes to our life and our business.  Could I have put in a few more hours?  Missed a concert, a fishing trip or a family dinner so that I made more money?

And then I remembered.  We didn’t start this business to get rich.  We started it to make a living.  To make a life.  Honestly?  I think we have done just that.


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