Hello!  I am Mike Rathbun.  Who?  I know.  Well, let me fill you in.  Most importantly, I am a father, husband and the owner of Freedom Cleaning Services.

At almost five decades old I am trying to navigate the big, bad world of Social Media and new-world marketing. Forget newspaper ads, forget TV and radio. This is where it’s at, if you want to succeed. Heck, this is where it’s at if you just want to keep up.

I love the early mornings (what, and long walks on the beach?? I stink at this) and especially during the spring and summer when I can sneak off to do a little fishing before work.

And speaking of work, I started Freedom Cleaning Services four years ago. We are a family owned and operated residential cleaning business based out of our home city of Ham Lake, Minnesota. You will probably see a lot about Freedom Cleaning here.

Some other topics you might find here include hope, positivity and faith.  These things, I find, are essetnial not only to business, but to everyday life.

Hope you enjoy the blog. Feel free to comment on anything you see as I struggle with my first blog.  Just no pointing and laughing, please.


2 responses to “About

  1. I reserve the right to laugh when you are genuinely funny and bring a smile to my face. Keep the blogs coming!

  2. I notice you haven’t laughed in awhile…. Thanks for being you, Sharon!

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